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Photo Booth - Now Available!

- Online the next day, in full resolution.

- 32 inch monitor inside to see your shenanigans.

- Large, glowing, public-proof (mostly) button starts the count-down.

- Sturdy (steel) booth with shnazzy curtain.

- "Super-cool" props that will totally not embarrass you. Ever. Promise. 

Recent Photo Booth Collections:

   Stackhouse-Frechette Photobooth

   Kimball-Frett Photobooth

   Bularzik-Noonan Photobooth

   Bonin-Altuz Photobooth

   Hartman-Pruette Photobooth

Classic Beauty and Modern Creativity

Since 2003, William Hurd has enjoyed capturing one of the most important and special moments in a person's life - announcing that they'll share the rest of it with someone they love.

If you'd like to see how, please explore the full wedding albums on the left. There, you'll get a better understanding of how William Hurd (aka, Speaking Photography) can capture your wedding, event, or portrait. If you like the styles and quality, please get in touch.

For a bit of insight into his thoughts on marriage, please take a look at 'Meaning of Marriage'. Humblingly, they have been adopted by officiants and read by family members during several weddings. 

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